Software Development

Payroll (6 Pay)
Salary Calculation as per 6 PC recommendation. Payroll software is specially design for Government office in Maharashtra.It is windows application software in which easily maintains the salary records of government employees, staffs, etc... with greater reliability and full support.Payroll software is allows Government offices in
Mihan India Ltd.
This windows application software has been designed for Airport. Especially the details of flight arrival/departure and what type of expenditure has been occurred during Landing/ Parking/ X-ray/ Passenger Amount in particular date. Scheduled/No-scheduled type of flight information details maintain in the Software.
It is online examination software with creating different users role with their login. This web application especially useful for schools, colleges, and institutes with manages their roles and conducting online test for students enable with result & feedback from admin. Each user has different login and different role such as Manage and adds roles
Joomla Pro 1.5
This is Jwellery shop software where all the records maintain. The best ever Software Product developed for Jewellery stores yet because of its features and flexibility. This software covers almost everything, all the transactions like Sales Retail, Sales Wholesale, Purchase and Purchase Return, all the accounting entries like Voucher Payment, Voucher Receipt,
Feedback 2.0
This is web application software for online feedback solution of teaching performance of staff for the student, parent, employee and external users. In this software has every user has separate login system and rights. This software is especially useful for schools, colleges, institutes where each and every user can see his/her feedback report with their rating with